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Located in San Francisco, I conduct training in various topics such as Project Management, Agile, and various business software applications.

What my clients are saying:

Sergey Vlasenko CEO, ProZyme, Inc.

Really enjoyed Igor's 3-day project management class for a cross-functional team at ProZyme. Igor was able to get the basics of project management taught at the right pace while allowing the group to work on specific ProZyme examples. He was able to customize the class to fit the need of a more agile approach to new product development that ProZyme is pioneering in our industry.

(Project Management seminar)

Jorge Bugallo Founder WINWINBCN

It has been a real pleasure flying all the way from Spain to attend one of Igor's workshops on Project Management. For me, Igor stands out as an excellent communicator, able to fully engage the participants in his sessions. I have enjoyed his workshop to the utmost and have been able to walk away with some great learnings that I have been able to immediately reapply into my daily work.


Betty Johnson President, I-to-I

Igor is a guru. His advanced knowledge of project management best practices is evident in all the work he does. It's truly a pleasure to work with him.

ENKHBAYAR Oidov CEO, EPC2 Consulting Ltd

I am always enjoying and very happy taking the online courses provided by you. There are several reasons I would like to highlight: a) Instructor's deep theoretical domain knowledge & practical experiences on the course content, b) his very well structured and simplest way of delivering of this content, c) his ability to use the right choices of lexicon, jargon and terminology that concisely are matching to the topic and easy to understand d) finally I love his way of thinking, way of summarizing the content. Thank you.

Rick Sadler

I think this is one of the best courses I have taken on Udemy. Igor is one of the best explainers of Excel and he walks through both the how and why of each process. I feel I have gained a solid understanding of conditional formatting in Excel. When procedures are explained in a way that illustrates the reasons for the steps involved, and not just showing quickly how it is done, one can comprehend the material and retain more information. He did such a thorough job that, even though I know I can refer back to his course, I doubt I will have to. This is a terrific course and I highly recommend it.

(Excel Conditional Formatting Master Class)

Steven Bolton Business Analyst - TRAC Intermodal

Igor is a phenomenal professor! He understands the material extremely well and is effective in his delivery of topics and concepts. I utilized the Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class to fine tune my analytical skills for my day job. It helped me a lot and gave me great confidence at work!

(Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class)

Cathe Chapman Martin Client Relationships at Mentor Inc.

My company Mentor has worked with Igor for many years now, and he's one of our favorite facilitators. He's smart, professional, kind, and our clients love him.

Steve Shipley Program Director

As a senior Program Director and Project Manager, I still greatly benefitted from the tips and work flows from this course. It provided a great overview and refresher with numerous insights into how to do things with MS Project that proved very useful in my last big project and being able to Manage the PMs and PMO better. I really enjoyed Igor's style and ability to keep on message. This course is the right length and focus for beginner to the expert who needs a refresher course if they (like myself) have been away from MS Project for a while.

V Beeman Director of Employee Communications at Stanford University

Igor is a fantastic instructor! He is patient and yet provides challenges by stepping you through a highly practical experience to learn the software. I was able to work on my own organization chart, with Igor's help to ensure it was accurately structured. If I had a question, his ability to help with a solution was almost immediate. I would take ANY class from Igor, as he really facilitates your own unique learning experience, which is ideal when learning software.

Jeet Shah Student

The course was well structured, organized and engaging. I had a wonderful experience and found it very informative. Igor is an excellent teacher. He is able to explain concepts clearly and has good knowledge on the subject. I look forward to completing few of his other courses.

(Excel Data Manipulation course)

J Niazi Strategy and Data Consultant

I enjoy learning from sources that are very methodical and easy to understand. This is one such course. I thought myself pretty much a master at conditional formatting but I learned some new tricks here. I would sign up immediately if there was an even higher level course (for example - joining the power of VBA with conditional formatting). Thank you.

(Excel Conditional Formatting Master Class)

Chima Igwe Project Management Consultant

This course is great! Very easy to follow and understand. The instructor is very knowledgeable and he explained every scheduling concept in detail.