Hello world of Agile!

It’s customary to start a new blog with the "Hello world!" This is my "Hello world" or "Hello world of Agile!" This post is the first step in a thousand-mile journey. One has to start somewhere, hasn’t he? One way or another, everything that’s coming in this blog is related to agile. Agile philosophy, agile strategy, agile principles, agile management, agile mindset, agile methodologies, PMI-ACP, etc. This blog should help you learn agile, think agile, be agile.

A blog is a big and overwhelming endeavor. What would be an agile way to tackle something that big? How do you start something like that in an agile way? How do you gain speed and get this “jumbo jet” off the ground? Well, you produce a small piece of it quickly. An increment, a potentially shippable product - so to speak. Something that you can show. Something that you can publish. Even if it’s not much to write home about. So, here you are my first increment of my agile blog about agile.

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