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If you want to master Excel as quickly as humanly possible without any mental strain or confusion whatsoever, you are in the right place—so keep reading!

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A Unique Training System...

... that teaches you virtually everything you need to know to channel Excel's incredible power to your own professional advantage.

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In fact, I've designed this rapid-learning system to literally "program" the knowledge of amazing Excel's powers into your mind.

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Guarantees Your Success...

... when it comes to using Excel in your daily work. Especially if you want to get truly productive and efficient at what you do.

And best of all...

Teaching Style Far Exceeds Other Teachers

These are great courses, Igor's teaching style far exceeds other teachers that I've had. I found myself very motivated to sit down every day - even after a very busy and stressful day at the office - and follow along with at least one lesson. It usually became 2 or 3 :) The lessons are easy to follow, explained thoroughly, nicely paced and I learned a lot of new things even though I used Excel for many years. I'm looking forward to taking many more Excel Master Classes with Igor.

Diana Brown ... Program support assistant, municipality Kaag en Braassem (The Netherlands)

... unlike other Excel courses out there, these are NOT boring. They actively engage your mojo—there's no "fluff" here, only substance!

This program gently...

Leads You Step by Step...

... from the most crucial Excel foundation to the highly practical, pro-level techniques that every serious Excel user should know about. So you can swiftly move away from the anguish of confusion towards the joy of perfect clarity, profound understanding and mastery.

You will experience crystal-clear, easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand explanations and instructions which provide many exciting  discoveries and "aha!" moments—every step of your learning journey.

As a result...

Easy to Follow and Practical

The course is awesome! Easy to follow, nice pace and practical information. I will greatly benefit from what I learned from your course. Very helpful and time-saving techniques. Loved learning about CSV files and converting to Excel! Very beneficial information. I highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding of how to better utilize the Excel functions to manipulate data and clean it up! Thanks for creating the class!

T. Steadman ... Accounting at a Government entity

... you'll finally begin to feel much more confident and your work will become much more meaningful and much more fulfilling— what a wonderful feeling!


It will skyrocket your professional reputation to a much higher orbit in the eyes of your boss, your clients and your colleagues. Because I believe your work will start to impress everyone—including yourself.

Relevant... Implement Straight Away in Your Own Workflows

I like all of Igor's different courses as they are relevant and the things he shows you can be implemented straight away into your own workflows. The individual lessons are short enough to digest easily and yet they are self-contained entities so if you have a busy schedule like I do then you can certainly follow this course even during your short breaks throughout the working day...

Dmitry Zubarev

I can guarantee these results because I've been teaching Excel in Silicon Valley for more than 15 years and this training program that I am offering to you contains the crystalized essence of my vast teaching experience. In other words, you are getting the most refined and focused training available on the market.

Here's what you are getting...

Complete Excel-Mastery Training Bundle


Excel Jumpstart

Learn the most essential secrets that are practically required knowledge for every Excel user. Yet… shamefully, even many intermediate users are clueless about some of these secrets. 



Master Excel Charts

Discover how to create beautiful, eye-popping Excel charts that visually convey the story hidden deep inside your data, so even a child can understand it... Excel charts mastery is crucial to successfully understand and report data. 



Master Excel Pivot Tables

This course reveals how to use pivot tables functionality to quickly turn large data sets into stunningly beautiful and impressive summarized reports that instantly communicate the vitally important information hidden in your data.



Master Excel Conditional Formatting

How to give your spreadsheets jaw-dropping chameleon-like qualities to visually adapt to changes without tedious, time consuming reformatting. These secrets are so impressive, they look like magic to a less sophisticated practitioner.



Master Excel Data Manipulation and Transformation

This course unveils proven techniques to quickly "massage" and transform Excel data with maximum efficiency. It teaches you how you can save up to 90% of the time and focus on more important, higher-value activities.



Master Excel Lookups and References

Discover the secrets of lookup-and-reference Excel functions that will make your work more productive and fulfilling than ever before. This course will literally zap your problem-solving skills to the next level.

Money Well Spent...

... Your courses are easy to follow and understand and I believe they are structured in a way to urge you along to complete them. Thank you very much your courses were certainly money well spent.

Dylan Reneau ... Finance Officer Ministry of Education

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