What is XLOOKUP in Excel and How to Use It?

What is XLOOKUP in Excel?And why learn how to use it in your spreadsheets?To get started, watch this video tutorial… If you have been using Excel for any period, you are probably familiar with VLOOKUP. If that is true, you are in for a real intellectual treat right now. Because there is a new kid … Read more

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How To Make Excel Find Duplicates in Columns or Rows

How to Make Excel Find DuplicatesAnd how to delete the duplicates or highlight them if you wishIf you use Microsoft Excel, you need to learn how to identify duplicates in columns or rows of data. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a few simple tips and tricks that you may find very cool and practical. Watch … Read more

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How to Download Files and Folders Shared on Google Drive

How to Download Files Shared on Google DriveUsing Google Chrome on WindowsThis quick tutorial shows you how to download files or folders shared with you on Google Drive.  This simple task can be confusing because it depends on:What was sharedWhat browser you useIf you are logged into your Google account or notLet me show you … Read more

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