Excel Basics 101 Course Image

Excel Basics Course

This course teaches you the crucial basics you need to immediately start using Excel like a pro. It helps you quickly build a solid conceptual foundation and jump from the anguish of “I have no clue” to the glorious feeling of “oh yes, I can do it.” 

Excel Charts and Graphs Course Image

Master Excel Charts and Graphs

A picture is worth a thousand words. In Excel, such picture is a chart. A great chart makes things clear and easy to understand. It helps you communicate and present your data in a better, vivid way. It provides actionable insights into your data so you can make better decisions without wasting too much time trying to “process” numbers in you head. It lets you instantly tell the important dynamic story that lies hidden inside rows and columns of boring spreadsheet numbers. In this course you will be learning how to create beautiful, vivid Excel charts. And how to give all your spreadsheets, reports and presentations a truly professional touch.

Excel Pivot Table Course Image

Master Excel Pivot Tables

This course teaches you how to take advantage of Excel Pivot Tables—the most crucial skills that every Excel user must have. So you can take raw datasets and quickly prepare incredible, user friendly, dynamic reports that communicate the most important information fast. Enroll and discover how it can take you just a few minutes to extract useful information from a huge dataset and prepare an amazing error-free report. The same report would have taken you several months to create without Pivot Tables.

Microsoft Project Course Image

Project Management With MS Project

This course teaches you the art and science of project management with Microsoft Project, one of the most popular project scheduling and tracking software apps in the entire World. Enroll now and quickly learn how to take the maximum advantage of this incredibly powerful business tool.

Excel data transformation and manipulation course thumbnail

Excel Data Manipulation and Transformation

This course reveals the most efficient techniques to “massage” and quickly transform data in Excel. It’s packed with simple, yet incredibly powerful tips and tricks, it teaches you to save up to 90% of the time that you currently waste when you do your Excel work.

Excel conditional formatting course thumbnail

Master Excel Conditional Formatting

Discover how Excel conditional formatting can turn boring  spreadsheets into visually vibrant, dynamic “storytellers” that “magically” adapt to your data—without tedious reformatting—and make important data literally “jump at you” from the screen.

Take this course to learn the amazing things you can do with conditional formatting in Excel


Excel lookup and reference functions course thumbnail

Master Excel Lookups and References

Master Excel Lookups and References is a training program where you’ll discover the incredible power hidden inside the lookup-and-reference Excel functions. This is a must-have “secret” knowledge for every serious Excel user or data analyst. Because it helps you dramatically speedup your everyday Excel workflow, save time, improve your problem-solving skills, and unleash some serious creativity.